Who we are? #

We are tech cuties from Ukraine, who love Open Source Software and hating russians

We provide self-hosted and our own services for our members.

Our languages #

Our languages are Ukrainian and English.

Russian language is not allowed.

How to join #

You can sign up Fediverse account on our Akkoma instance. After that, you can message qugalet for more info and grating you access for more services.

Contact #

You can contact admin using:

  • Email: admin(meow)m0e.space
  • Matrix: (meow)qugalet:matrix.opulus.space
  • Fediverse
  • Telegram

Donate #

You can help us financially:

  • My credit cards:
    • 5375 4114 1585 7825 Monobank (MasterCard)
    • 5168 7559 0529 7772 PrivatBank (MasterCard)
  • Monobank jar
  • We don't have crypto wallets but if you want it, please contact admin.

Members #


Server owner and system administrator


Indie game developer


average donetsk children


2d artist

> Alive since 24.10.2021

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